Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the most out of these illustrations?

We are sure you will benefit a great deal using the information in myjwillustration.com. Please keep the following matters in mind:

  • The information and images in myjwillustration.com are not meant to replace the usual tools we employ when preparing for our theocratic assignments.
  • Use the illustrations just to get an idea of how to illustrate what you want to explain. Don't just copy-paste the illustrations. Use your own words.
  • Don't let an illustration overshadow the Scriptures.
  • It is always recommended to review the lessons that discuss the speech quality of illustrations in the 'Teaching' brochure or 'Benefit' textbook.
  • Many of the secular quotes from prominent figures don't provide a practical application. Keep in mind that only some of those quotes are to be used as a positive remark. As a matter of fact, quite a few of them serve as a contrast between secular and godly thinking.
  • Some of the illustrations tell a rather long story. They can work pretty well in a long talk, like a public discourse. But if your talk is just a few minutes long or you are handling a questions and answers' part, you will need to make the long story short. Otherwise, it will use up a big chunk of the allotted time and it can obscure the main points.
  • If you are serving in a foreign language field, make sure the comparison is readily understandable to your audience.
  • Some illustrations are repeated under different topics with the same or slightly different application.
  • Every speaker has his own style and preferences. Consequently, this site offers illustrations to fit different styles of speaking. For instance, you will find classic illustrations, such as the conscience is like a compass; you will also encounter some scientific reasonings, such as illustrating God's eternity with the fabric of space-time; and you will also come upon secular quotes, Aesop's fables, and Bible accounts used to illustrate scriptural lessons. Some speakers may find the Aesop's fables kind of silly; others will know how to use them in an appealing way. In any case, please don't expect that every single illustrations on this site will sound fascinating. Just use the ones that fit your style and teaching material.

So where did you get all those illustrations?

I love illustrations! The 'Ministry School' book, page 241, recommends to build up a file of effective illustrations and examples from reading material, talks, or personal observation and to save them for future use. Before the 'Ministry School' book was released I was already collecting illustrations; however, it was not until I read it on the textbook back in 2002 that I started to collect them more systematically. Needless to say, my collection of illustrations grew organically. Now I am able to share hundreds of them with all my brothers and sisters. You may use the illustrations I'm sharing through myjwillustration.com as the foundation of your own illustrations' file.

If I use your illustrations in a talk, do I need to credit myjwillustration.com as the source?

There is no need to mention myjwillustration.com website from the platform in any talks. The principle applies: in our teaching, we always want to direct the attention to Jehovah. When it comes to using this website, I only request all users to kindly abide to our Terms and Conditions policy. Of course, the idea of making this web app is to share these wonderful illustrations with my fellow brothers and sisters. So feel free to share this site and its illustrations with the friends in the congregation when fitting.

Why the ads? Are you making money out of your brothers and sisters?

The illustrations are free. You don't need to subscribe or register to access the illustrations and examples on this website. It is all out there for anyone with Internet connection. At the same time, developing, hosting and designing a website don't come for free. The ads and donations are aimed to make this website self-sustainable.

How do I know the illustrations and experiences on this website are accurate and factual?

The illustrations on this site are for the most part simple and logical analogies that serve to break down complex concepts into basic terms. When it comes to quotes, scientific facts, and historical events used to illustrate a point, I have made an effort to include at least one reference so that each user can confirm the accuracy of a statement before deciding to use it. Regarding our brothers and sisters' experiences related on this website, I only included those that I have personally witnessed or that I know the person who lived it, as well as the ones I have personally heard from reliable sources, like a bethel speaker or a circuit overseer. Nevertheless, I leave it up to each person to decide whether or not to use and quote these experiences. To the least, it will be encouraging to read them. Needless to say, myjwillustration.com is not a perfect website. If you find any inaccuracy, please report it to support@myjwillustration.com so that it can be further researched. Your help is very much appreciated!

Is the branch office or the Organization sponsoring this website?


You have lots of secular references to back your illustrations but only a few based on our publications... why is that?

In my personal collection, many amazing illustrations come from the publications and the Watchtower Library. I wish I had permission to include them on this site... sadly, I don't.

Do you plagiarize other people's illustrations?

No. When attribution is legally required we have no problem to abide by copyrights laws in the United States. If you find information on this website needing attribution, please report it to admin@myjwillustration.com. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with sharing illustrations heard in a talk. You can glean from my collection and use them too. If you have an illustration you have jotted down and want to share them with the brotherhood, please bring it on!

Btw, who are you?

My name is Carl. I serve as an elder and full-time servant. I hope you can enjoy myjwillustration.com and use these analogies to be more like our Master, Jesus, who loved to speak in illustrations!