Bible illustrations for JWs

"Without an illustration he would not speak"

Matthew 13:34

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This site offers a collection of over 1,000 Bible illustrations for Jehovah's Witnesses making your teaching more like the Master, Jesus. Check the Illustrations' Index, the Images' section, or just search by keyword. The illustrations are free. There are no subscriptions or premium section. Tell your friends about it!

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My JW Illustration

Looking for an illustration for your next talk? Don't look any further. Here we speak in illustrations! On this site you will be able to quickly find a whole array of effective illustrations. Our collection offers analogies, experiences, quotes and other interesting points on a variety of Bible-related subjects. If fitting, you can add them to your talks or use them in the ministry, enabling you to put into practice the methods we have learned in our theocratic training. See our Frequent Asked Question (FAQ) section for more information on how to make the most out of the information on this website.

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